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The Florida Storytelling Troupe

Dear Visitor,

Thank you for stopping by to visit.  We appreciate your interest in our little storytelling troupe.  We all hope to meet you in person some day because we have a story for you.

If your organization has a need for a storyteller, we are willing to customize a program to meet your specific venue.  In the past, we have performed in schools and churches, for business and professional organizations, and for community organizations.

You hope you will have a further look at our individual websites and please drop us a line if you wish.  We so enjoy meeting and sharing stories with new acquaintances.  If you want more information or to contact the group, our collective e-mail is  


Kathy Duffy          Kathy Kniery          Debra Weller

David Fussell     Margaret Kaler     Rose van der Berg

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