David Fussell


David Fussell is a fifth generation Floridian mixed with fifth generation southern Georgians. He has studied genealogy and storytelling and his passion is to save the stories of the past for generations to come.



* William & Nancy DuVal (with Kathy Kniery)

* Family Stories and Folklore

* Stories of a Growing Florida

* Finding and Preserving Your Family History

E-mail:  Unclele14@gmail.com

Website:  www.crackerstoryteller.com

[Why I  am a storyteller] To share stories from the heart of family and home;  stories that remind us we all got one, too.

David Fussell

“OH MY!  Oh Dear! Magic in the Air!  Here comes another story, let’s share.” 

David Fussell

Background painting by David Fussell 2019